"Follow La Parisienne"

by Kemal Forrester in

"The Series"

Last year, after spending some time in Paris, I became inspired. I observed how people dressed and was in awe of their daily style that seemed so effortless yet chic. Many of the looks that they were able to achieve were relatively simple with a few basic wardrobe staples. 

"Follow La Parisienne" Logo ™

"Follow La Parisienne" Logo ™

Soon after my return to New York, my experience in Paris fostered the creation of the blog series "Follow La Parisienne". It is an episodic series that is based upon the fundamentals of Parisian style. As the birthplace of fashion, these principles are "forever vogue". The "Follow La Parisienne" series will provide insight, tips and tricks on how to achieve classic, timeless looks. 

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