The Future Of Fashion - Is It Promising?

by Kemal Forrester in ,


Recently, it was announced that a few of the fast fashion brands that were poppin’ just a few years ago are going bankrupt. Yes, it’s true. For example, American Apparel will be closing all of its stores and Nasty gal has filed for bankruptcy. However, big global luxury brands are not immune. Ralph Lauren will be closing over 50 stores and a few months ago cut just over 3000 jobs. The good news is, fashion is going under a reconstruction. 

Once upon a time, fashion was a very exclusive world where the only way through its doors was a fashion education at a well-known school. However, with the rise of fashion bloggers and style bloggers the door to the industry have kicked down the door. Now, we are seeing small town girls with fashion blogs going viral, receiving once exclusive invitations to NY fashion week. This tells me that the door is now wide open for undiscovered or lesser known talent to find a place for themselves in the industry. It is now possible for you to start a fashion business of your own and make a “killing” so to speak. The future belongs to you and no longer the big named brands with items most people could never afford without selling one of their kidneys to the highest bidder.

For the first time in history, fashion has become something it never was, accessible to all. The industry has not only been turned upside down by bloggers, but by designers who dared to challenge industry norms such as Christian Siriano, who launched the first full scale plus size collection that set NY fashion week on fire! This bold act has inspired renowned brands to give plus size collection another go. Therefore, the possibilities of what you can do are endless and the fashion world we as we knew it, will never be the same again and that is a good thing!

What do you thing about the current state of the fashion industry? Share your thoughts below.

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