BRAND DEVELOPMENT Establish a brand that represents your products & business goals

- Identify & refine target market, includes market analysis - Establish brand mission, culture & essence - Commercial strategy - Formulate brand story for target demographic - Guidance on brand identity, including logo & web design - Streamline branding for consistent identity across all platforms

PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT Create in demand products for your target demographic

- Trend forecasting - Product strategy - - Competitive pricing analysis - Calendar planning - Professional resources & tools to simplify the production process - Pricing strategy



MARKETING STRATEGY Develop your brand’s presence for customer visibility

- Research target demo & create campaign to improve visibility - Generate content to drive traffic to various promotional channels - Construct e-mail marketing plan to gain access to potential customers - Build & manage social media platforms - Monthly social media calendars for curated brand content

ART DIRECTION Visual content for branding & promotional campaigns

- Organize & execute photo shoot for brand images - Recorded video content for brand promotional purposes



BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT Increase your brand’s longevity & earning capacity

- Formulate business strategies to increase sales - Distinguish new markets for products - Pursue strategic opportunities to advance brand goals - Forge partnerships & commercial relationships

MANAGEMENT Strategies & techniques to promote business success

- Assistance with management of business operations - Implement techniques to improve business performance - Construct strategies to maximize growth

BUSINESS COACHING PACKAGE Objective advice & industry expertise

- Bi-weekly calls 90-minutes - Provide guidance & feedback on business operations - Business strategies - Address specific questions & concerns related to your business goals - Meeting notes send via PDF



SUPPORT SERVICES Customized virtual services to simplify daily operations

- Copywriting - Blogging assistance - Blog management - Document preparation e.g. Influencer agreements - Data entry - Online customer support inquiries

GENERAL CONSULTATION Question & answer session

- Advice & brainstorming session - Meeting notes sent via PDF



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